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The Triathlon Preview Show

Oct 8, 2015

Today in Kailua Kona we walked around and chatted with athletes and insiders about the race at the Ironman World Championships on Saturday.

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We ran into:

-Alyssa Godesky. Follow Alyssa on twitter here.

-Jimmy Seear (professional triathlete and co-owner of Ventum bikes). Follow Jimmy on twitter here. Follow Ventum on twitter here

-Clint Lien. Coach for Mercury Rising Triathlon and supportive dude (AKA husband) of Sara Gross. Follow Clint on twitter here. Follow Sara on twitter here.

-Belinda Granger. Former professional triathlete and top ten finisher at the Kona World Championships. Follow Belinda on twitter here.

-Maik Twelsiek. German uber-biker and 11th place finisher in last year's Ironman World Championship. Maiki likes to take the bike up the road on this course. Follow Maik on twitter here.