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The Triathlon Preview Show

Oct 2, 2015

In our 10th episode we discuss our show sponsor Rudy Project and the awesome discount they are giving our listeners--50% off! Use "TriPreview" at or use this link:
For race previews we discussed:
-Silverman 70.3
-Korea 70.3
-Rio 70.3
-Ironman Barcelona
-Cozumel World Cup
Last, we chatted about the women's race in Kona. 
-Mirinda fell off her bike rushing for a chocolate bar.
-Consistent performers
-Do the women need to worry about how many minutes they have on Mirinda off the bike? 
-Can Daniela have the #fastestrunsplit? 
-Women in their pro Kona debuts
-Will it be the Rinny/Ryf show?