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The Triathlon Preview Show

Jan 28, 2016

The Triathlon Preview Show is back for 2016!!

We have a new intro by Whit Raymond

Fantasy triathlon is back as well. Play for prizes here.

Use "TriPreview" at Rudy Project for 40% off. They have been a big supporter of both the show and Fantasy Triathlon. Thanks Rudy Project!

In the first show for 2016 we discuss:

-Dubai 70.3 and The Triple Crown: Was there an announcement about the $1 million? Possible course changes for the weekend due to high winds and more. 

-Panama 70.3: A big points race with a solid field. Sanders has been doing lots of heat acclimatization. Here is a study about how much you might actually need leading into a race. The swim is down current and could keep both fields closer together.